'Twilight' Star Kellan Lutz Is Really Scared Of Freddy In 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'

While Kellan Lutz plays a scary creature in the "Twilight Saga" -- if you call a vegetarian vampire scary, that is -- it's his next role in the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" remake that has him really frightened. You see, it seems Lutz's connection to the flick and its bad guy, Freddy Krueger, runs all the way to his childhood.

"That was one of the movies that actually scared me growing up," Lutz told MTV News about the 1984 remake, due out on April 30. "My brothers were the biggest threat growing up with all the poundings, but Jason and Chucky weren’t too scary. I laughed at them. Clowns are funny to me."

As much as a laugh riot as those creepy horror movie classic killers were to Lutz, there was something incredibly eerie about Freddy for him. So much so that it made sleeping a difficult task for the actor. Lutz, who may or may not be the Johnny Depp of the reboot, added, "But something that can attack you in your sleep, that’s scary because how do you fight that off? You're sleeping."

Awhile back, MTV News learned from the director himself, Samuel Bayer, that Kellan and his fellow dreamwalkers are fending off a Freddy Krueger who is a lot less comical than ever before. "You know, I think my Freddy is just a bit more serious," he said. "We delve into Freddy's background a little bit more. It's a very similar background to what we know about him, but... I think it's going to be a unique kind of homage to Wes's original film."

Does Freddy make you fear going to bed at night like it does Kellan? Tell us in the comments!