'Eclipse' Editor And Frequent David Slade Collaborator Replaced By Original 'Twilight' Editor

June 30, 2010. That's when an army of Twilighters will storm theaters across the country, intent on seeing how director David Slade fares at bringing Stephenie Meyer's third "Twilight" book to life. As you might imagine, the movie is currently in its final stages of post-production work. That doesn't mean things can't change, however.

Summit Entertainment announced yesterday that the "Eclipse" crew is being shuffled a bit. Where before Slade's frequent collaborator Art Jones was set to edit the film, it now looks as though he's being replaced by Nancy Richardson. If that name sounds familiar, it's because Richardson also edited the first movie.

Jones previously worked with Slade on "30 Days of Night" and "Hard Candy," neither of which will necessarily going to appeal to the entire "Twilight" community. EW's Hollywood Insider reports that Summit is pleased with the work Slade has done, but they think it needs a strong edit. Richardson, who just came off a job editing the Miley Cyrus-starring drama "The Last Song," is someone the studio has more faith in, for obvious reasons.

I'm a little bummed by this news. I thought "New Moon" was much stronger than "Twilight." I'd rather not see that first movie's mistakes repeated.

What's more, I'm always a fan of director/editor pairings, which was the case with Slade and Jones. Their past experience speaks to the familiarity each has with the other's work. Richardson might understand how to capture Meyer's sensibilities, but this is Slade's take and I was looking forward to seeing how the "30 Days of Night" director would tackle the challenge of speaking to a wildly different audience. We'll still see that to a certain extent, but it's hard to say how Richardson will interpret his vision differently than Jones would have.

What do you think, fans? Are you okay with this change? Was it the right choice?