'Gilligan's Island' Movie Plans Wash Ashore At Warner Bros

Well... at least it's not a reboot. Not really. The tale of seven people on a three-hour tour that goes really, really awry will be revived for a new generation.

The classic '60s TV series "Gilligan's Island" has been dusted off by Warner Bros for a big screen treatment, according to Variety. Most of you readers are probably far too young to have been around during its three-season run from 1964 to 1967 -- I certainly am -- but I imagine most if not all of you have encountered the sitcom or at least some reference to it over the course of your lives.

If you haven't... wow. The story follows a group of tourists who are marooned on an island after their tour boat, the S.S. Minnow, is shipwrecked in a storm. The seven trapped people comprise a colorful group, as the series' unforgettable theme song clearly states.

Beyonce and Michael Cera had previously been mentioned by the show's creator Sherwood Schwartz for roles in a possible movie, as Ginger and Gilligan, respectively. Those possibilities surfaced more than a year ago however, and there's no hard casting news tied to this latest development.

That said, I'd prepare for a younger cast than the original series sported. We were having some fun in the newsroom this morning throwing ideas around. Cera for Gilligan is actually a pretty inspired choice. Seth Rogen would make an ideal Skipper and Paul Rudd would be perfect for The Professor. Beyonce was already rumored for Ginger, and she's a good choice. I'd love to see Jeffrey Tambor take the role of the Millionaire, possibly with his "Arrested Development" spouse Jessica Walter playing His Wife. The real challenge is Mary Anne, the original "girl next door"? Tough call there.

"The Dark Knight" producer Charles Roven is handling the adaptation, and he stated that the hope is for production to begin as soon as next year. For now, the onus is on "Arrested Development" writer Brad Copeland to pen a script. The plan, of course, is to stage the movie's shipwreck in a more contemporary setting. The only challenge I see there is that we live in a world where GPS and satellite tracking are the norm. The idea of a tour boat setting out with no equipment of that sorts seems a little preposterous. But then, so do coconut telephones.

All of my usual anti-remake ranting applies here, though I'm feeling a bit more open to the idea of a "Gilligan's Island" movie than you might expect. This is a classic series and a fun story; done right, I could see a contemporary adaptation serving up an entertaining ride. Time will tell, but here's hoping they nail this one.

Does the world need a "Gilligan's Island" movie? Who would you cast as Mary Anne?