'New Moon' Actor Paints Frightening Things In Today's Daily TwitPic

A note to all aspiring visual artists who pop up in MTV's Twitter-Wood feed: if you want to get your stuff out there, post twitpics.

This morning's Daily TwitPic comes from Alex Meraz, who plays Wolf Pack tough guy Paul in "New Moon" and "Eclipse," which hits theaters at the end of June. When he's not baring his chest and looking menacing for the benefit of Twilighters everywhere, Meraz keeps busy making art. He's pretty good too, if a little unhinged.

In a twitpic posted yesterday, Meraz shared his latest effort, which is almost completed. And I have to say... it's a little scary. And surreal. There's a naked headless person with spikes and what appears to be a DNA string emerging from his/her back. There's also an old man's face, a third eye and a grinning eel. Pretty wacky stuff, but also clearly the work of someone who's got talent. See for yourself after the jump.

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