EXCLUSIVE: Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson And Justin Long Bathed In Shadow For This 'After.Life' Poster

Wouldn't it be weird if you woke up in a funeral parlor, watching on as the mortician prepares your corpse for burial? What would be stranger still is if that mortician then turned and spoke to you, offering to aid in your transition to the afterlife.

That's the basic setup for "After.Life," an upcoming horror/thriller from director Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo, who also co-wrote the script with Paul Vosloo. Christina Ricci stars as the recently deceased, Liam Neeson plays the mortician and Justin Long is the boyfriend who thinks that something fishy is going on. He's probably right too.

Hit the jump to see the brand new poster, teased in the image above.

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