Angelina Jolie And Darren Aronofsky In Discussions To Adapt 'Serena: A Novel'

DESCAngelina Jolie is keeping everybody guessing these days. First, it was revealed that she would be a part of "Wanted 2," despite her character's fate in the first film making this a nearly impossible task. Most recently, she reportedly abandoned that film in favor of "Gravity," a space-set science fiction movie directed by "Children of Men" director Alfonso Cuaron. Now, it appears that she's heading to 1920s North Carolina with murder in her heart and director Darren Aronofsky by her side.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jolie and Aronofsky are currently in discussions for to adapt Ron Rash's 2008 period piece "Serena: A Novel" for the big screen. The screenplay comes from "The Weight of Water" scribe Chris Kyle, though retooling on the script is necessary before Jolie and Aronofsky can move forward. Nick Weschler of "The Road" and "The Time Traveler's Wife" is producing.

"Serena: A Novel" focuses on the creation of a timber empire in 1929 North Carolina. Jolie would play Serena, the ruthless wife of businessman George Pemberton. After it becomes clear that she can't bear a child, Serena takes off with a plan to murder George's illegitimate son in retaliation.

Clearly, this is a very dark idea. THR even compares "Serena" to Paul Thomas Anderson's "There Will Be Blood." In my mind, Jolie isn't exactly an equal with Daniel Day-Lewis — very few people are, really — but she's still one of the great actresses currently working in the filmmaking business, so seeing her in this tormented tormentor role is something I'm totally up for, especially at the very capably twisted hands of Aronofsky.

But what does this mean for "Gravity," Jolie's rumored collaboration with Alfonso Cuaron? I'm not sure that this project effects things at all, as there's still much work to be done on "Serena." Hopefully, we'll be able to have our cake and eat it on this one — but if Jolie has to choose between "Serena" and "Gravity," at least she'll be at the forefront of an interesting project in either case.

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