EXCLUSIVE: 'Magic: The Gathering' Film May Not Be Confined To Fantasy Realms

"Magic: The Gathering" tournaments can take place anywhere, and the film adaptation of the collectible card game that Hasbro has in development may follow suit. Asked if the movie would have a classic fantasy look to it, producer and Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner cautioned that the Planeswalkers of "Magic" that the film will feature don't belong in any one particular time or place.

"'Magic' is a project we continue to look at and figure how to develop it and is again, a big global brand, it’s got a great following and you have to tell a great story, develop great characters," Goldner told MTV's Brian Jacks. "But the Planeswalker story is such a great story and there’s so many elements in the mythology of 'Magic: The Gathering' that could be amazing for movie storytelling."

The magical beings Goldner referred to as "not your old-fashioned wizards" can travel across space and time through numerous planes of existence, which means the world and setting could be as archaic as Middle-earth in "The Lord of the Rings" or as contemporary as "The Hurt Locker."

"They are much more contemporary people, and their powers are much more contemporary in nature, and more consistent with the people who play our games," Goldner explained. "And I think that could provide an interesting point of difference versus the historical Merlin or wizards type of storyline."

So you never know. We could end up with something "Lord of the Rings"-esque, but "Magic: The Gathering" could resemble something much more like "Reign of Fire," 1987's "Masters of the Universe" or something else entirely.

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