EXCLUSIVE: Ridley Scott's 'Monopoly' Still On Track For 2012 Or Later

"Blade Runner" and "Gladiator" director Ridley Scott turned heads in the film and board game worlds alike in 2008 when he agreed to step up and direct a "Monopoly" movie. Executive producer and Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner later explained to MTV's Brian Jacks that the film would tackle the hot-button topic of real-world financial crises, but the project has remained in development behind closed doors. In a new update, Goldner revealed that "Monopoly" is still on track with its release date tentatively set for 2012 or beyond.

"Ridley is still onboard and wants to be part of this and we're very excited about this, probably for 2012…13…somewhere in the future," he told MTV News.

Goldner called the script begun by "9" screenwriter Pamela Pettler "great," but it may not be "all there yet." That's not to say he expected it to be done by now, but he expressed confidence in the story they're building.

"The great part about Monopoly is the history, literally the history of the creation of the brand and the fact that the brand is 75 years old so you have this great opportunity for the real history as well as the fictional history to tell stories of families and characters over a brief period of time," Goldner explained.

Scott previously mentioned to us that the movie would deal with "how the game came about," so expect to see that play a role in the story when it eventually comes to light. Pairing that goal with the "futuristic sheen" the director first indicated that he wanted to add should make for a provocative recipe.

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