'Caprica' Actor Patton Oswalt Confirms There's More Baxter Sarno To Come

If you haven't been keeping up with "Caprica," then you've been missing out. Syfy's "Battlestar Galactica" spin-off prequel series created by Ron Moore and David Eick hasn't quite hit the heights of its predecessor just yet, but it's smart, entertaining television nonetheless.

One of the more familiar faces on the show is Patton Oswalt, who plays popular Caprican talk show host Baxter Sarno. We saw his most extensive contribution to the series yet last week when Daniel and Amanda Graystone appeared on his show in an effort to clear the air after their deceased daughter was implicated in the terrorist bombing of a commuter train. MTV's Rick Marshall caught up to Oswalt earlier this week and he took the opportunity to ask about what's coming up for the talk show host.

"Well I kind of pop up throughout [the season], you know on televisions and stuff. People are clearly watching the show that I host," he said. "And then, I have a bit of involvement later that I’d like to just sort of leave up in the air."

Fair enough. It's good to know at least that we haven't seen the last of Baxter Sarno. But where does the character come from? Oswalt is no stranger to television, but he's never hosted a talk show. Rick also made a point of asking where he draws his inspiration from.

"I tried to... keep other people out of mind because I didn’t want to be aping them. I was like, how would I do a show if I did a show," he explained. "How would I do it, but then, you know, it’s clear [in my performance] the influence... that people like Jon Stewart and David Letterman have had on me. So there’s still that, that’s stuff is still in there. But that wasn’t intentional."

Let's see if we can spot Oswalt again on "Caprica" when it airs tonight. And look for the recap tomorrow here on MTV Movies Blog.