A 'Nightmare On Elm Street' Trailer Walks Free In This Week's Promo Police

by Perri Nemiroff

Who would ever have thought Freddy Krueger would be the one to save the day? His new trailer is an easy pick for highlight of the week. The Promo Police have arrest warrants out on the rest of the week's offenders, who are at large and should be considered extremely dangerous. While "Nightmare on Elm Street" catches parole, "Repo Men," "Ondine," "The Karate Kid," "Peacock," "How To Train Your Dragon" and "Valhalla Rising" are all wanted and being sought for questioning.

Posters: “Repo Men”

The Good: Making a fictional story seem like a reality via advertising is a brilliant concept. Whether you care to see a film about Repo Men ripping artificial organs out of customers who can’t afford them, these universally curious sayings will grab your attention.

The Bad: Perhaps the designers forgot these images were promoting a movie. Where’s the film’s title?

Promotional Power: It’s like a fad diet. By branding an ad with the phrase “If you follow our plan, you’ll lose weight,” people will go for it regardless of the details. “Go ahead, have the cheeseburger” could have had the same selling power if people knew what the posters were selling.

See it here.

Trailer: “Nightmare on Elm Street”

The Good: The hot young cast. There’s no better way to get the attention of younger moviegoers than by featuring a scene with "Twilight" star Kellan Lutz. Even better, fans of the original aren’t left hanging. Promising footage will let Freddy’s fan club breathe a sigh of relief. There’s a good chance this reboot will do its predecessor justice.

The Bad: It’s slightly bloated by plot and character information. This makes the trailer lag and ultimately less chilling than the film’s teaser.

Promotional Power: Freddy will be haunting you all the way to the box office. See it here.

A Bonus Nightmare Inducing Gift From Freddy: Check out these four new stills from the film, one of which is particularly disturbing.

Poster: “Ondine”

The Good: Colin Farrell.

The Bad: How is anyone supposed to know what this film is about by looking at the poster? The mini Alicja Bachleda in the top right corner looks likes she’s hanging out in a sleeping bag, not a mermaid!

Promotional Power: Throw this one back in the sea. See it here.

Trailer: “The Karate Kid”

The Good: Jackie Chan can still act! He and his young co-star manage to pull off some powerful moments even in such a minimal amount of footage.

The Bad: Regardless of what this trailer says, the legend is not back... yet. Until this movie can stand on its own and hop off the original’s coattail, uncertainty will always exist.

Promotional Power: Enough to reign in those unfamiliar with original, but loyal fans will need more convincing. See it here.

Image: “Peacock”

The Good: Cillian Murphy can definitely pass as a woman.

The Bad: He and Susan Sarandon have an uncanny resemblance.

Promotional Power: Disqualified. “Peacock” is being thrown into the straight-to-DVD black hole on April 20th. See it here.

Trailer: “How to Train Your Dragon”

The Good: When a film is about dragons, you expect some fire-breathing action and the theatrical trailer delivers big time. Some sequences are even reminiscent of FX heavy upcoming films “Clash of the Titans” and “The Last Airbender.”

The Bad: Action is great, but the character driven teaser is a bit stronger.

Promotional Power: Kiddies will be hooked instantly. For adults, the trailer will spark some interest then the DreamWorks brand seals the deal. See it here.

Sneak Peak: “Valhalla Rising”

The Good: When set to the tune of Waltz of the Flowers, even brutality becomes poetic.

The Bad: It may work as a gimmick, but can One Eye’s (Mads Mikkelsen) violent rampage sustain an entire film without becoming too distasteful?

Promotional Power: Some people can tolerate this intense degree of viciousness and some cannot. The former will be running far far away while the latter drools for more. See it here.