Kevin Costner Is 'Learning Italian' With 'Waterworld' Director Kevin Reynolds

Kevin Costner and director Kevin Reynolds were at one time such great friends and collaborators, I simply called them "the Kevins." Okay, not really, but they were a successful actor-and-director combo up until their third (and a half) film together, "Waterworld." It was on that infamous troubled production that the Kevins upset their relationship and went separate ways, professionally at least. After 15 years, they've finally mended that relationship, as Variety reports that Costner is set to star in a Reynolds-helmed spy comedy titled "Learning Italian."

Deadline Hollywood shares a more detailed plot for the film, in which Costner will play a CIA agent stationed in a coastal Italian town in order to keep an eye on a KGB operative also set up there. I guess it's set during the Cold War, then? Or maybe near the end, as the premise involves the two spies being called home by their respective agencies. Loving the town they've lived in for so long, they team up and devise a fake threat that will justify their staying put. May I suggest that the Kevins get Robin Williams to reprise his Russian accent from "Moscow on the Hudson" for the other lead?

Reynolds has his experience with Cold War tales, having emerged in Hollywood as the writer of the original "Red Dawn." He went on to direct Costner in "Fandango" and "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" before clashing with the actor on "Waterworld." Reynolds also helped Costner as an adviser in the directing of "Dances With Wolves." But after Costner's 2008 flop, "Swing Vote," will anybody want to see him in another political comedy?

Costner, who was recently seen co-starring with Ben Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones in the Sundance premiere "The Company Men," is also said to be planning his next directorial effort, another western titled "Horizon," in which he'll again star. Personally, I'm still waiting on a "Postman" sequel (the first one is hilarious, intentionally or not), but hopefully any one of these new projects is just as entertaining.

Are you happy to see the Kevins working together again? Do you wish they were making "Waterworld 2" instead?