A 'Zoolander' Sequel Is Coming, And Here's What Derek's Been Up To...

Yesterday brought the really, really ridiculously good news that "Zoolander 2 is in the making, with Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux writing, and Theroux directing. We obviously know roughly squat about the story for the upcoming sequel, but it's safe to at least speculate that some time will have passed between the events of the first and the second movies. Hell, we see as much of Derek's future in the final scenes of "Zoolander."

It's been almost 10 years since the late-September 2001 release of the original, and the world has changed a great deal since then. Being an international superstar, we've no doubt that Derek has managed to keep busy during the intervening years. But how? We've sketched out a few possibilities thanks to the Photoshop wizardry of MTV's exceedingly talented Sohyung Kang. Click the image below to check out more hilarity in our Derek Zoolander flipbook gallery.

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