Angelina Jolie Looks For 'Gravity' With Alfonso Cuaron, Drops 'Wanted' Sequel

In 2008, Angelina Jolie appeared in a pseudo-comic book adaptation of "Wanted." I say pseudo because the movie had very little to do with the source when all was said and done. Still, the insanely well-staged and stylized action sequences masterminded by director Timur Bekmambetov left fans clamoring for more, and more was reportedly moving along swiftly.

That's now past-tense because Jolie is looking to team with "Children of Men" director Alfonso Cuaron for another work of pure sci-fi, this one set in outer space, called "Gravity." The star's departure reportedly prompted Universal to cancel the "Wanted" sequel, the second swing of a one-two punch since the Warner Bros-owned "Gravity" was once in Uni's hands.

The story, described by Vulture as a "space thriller," comes from a script that Cuaron penned with his son Jonas. Jolie has a lonely performance ahead of her: she'd play the sole survivor of a space mission gone off the rails, trying desperately to get home to her daughter. Vulture rightly points out that this sounds similar to last year's "Moon," which is only a bad thing because the fantastic Sam Rockwell-starring sci-fi flick has been virtually ignored during this awards season.

Universal previously had "Gravity" in the offing, but dumped it a few weeks ago because it is so "artistically challenging," Vulture reports. WB picked it up, luring the "Wanted" star away and, unfortunately, signing the death certificate on the comic book sequel. For now. As we all know very well, nothing is permanent in Hollywood.

Do you like the concept behind "Gravity"? Would you rather see Jolie stick around for more "Wanted"? Was Universal right to drop the sequel following Jolie's departure? And seriously... have you seen "Moon" yet?!