Ballstein, Mugatu And Magnum: What We Want To See In A 'Zoolander' Sequel

ZoolanderEarlier today, Movies Blog brought you the really, really, really good news that a second "Zoolander" is currently in the development stage. Ben Stiller will co-write alongside "Iron Man 2" and "Tropic Thunder" scribe Justin Theroux, who also plans to direct. Assuming the news is true, it's a major victory for Derek Zoolander's devoted fan base. But in fairness, a lot of time has passed since "Zoolander." The celebrated male model was already feeling past his prime in the 2001 comedy, so there's no telling how the past decade has treated him since that existential crisis.

The only thing that's certain about "Zoolander 2" is that all bets are off — time has passed, people have changed, and the hilarity is sure to flow like a river of really funny things. While we wait to hear more, let's talk about some of the things we're hoping to see from the sequel.

Where Has Derek Been: By the end of "Zoolander," we left Derek in a happy place. He's founded "The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Want To Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too." He's started a family with Matilda. He's left the fashion industry — but has he been able to stay out entirely? Has he finally found something else in life to focus his energy on, or has the runway started calling him back?

Where Is Derek Going: It wouldn't be a "Zoolander" movie without some sort of fashion focus. Whether or not Derek is still running the school, something has to call him back to the industry that made him. Perhaps he's envious of Derek, Jr., his teenage son that has grown into an even greater model than his father. There's nothing like some good parental rivalry to kick-start a conflict.

What's Up With Mugatu: While Jonah Hill is reportedly circling the film's villainous role, it's hard to imagine a "Zoolander" sequel without Will Ferrell as Mugatu. When last we saw him, the Malaysia-hating fashionista was being carted away by police officers, still reeling from the effects of Derek's "Magnum" stare. I imagine that Mugatu is still haunted by that moment and is seeking elaborate vengeance against Derek — or, perhaps, he just wants his autograph.

Who Are Derek's New Friends: From Jerry Stiller as Maury Ballstein to Billy Zane as himself, Derek Zoolander has no shortage of well known buddies, so it's a sure bet that "Zoolander 2" would feature several celebrity cameos. I could see Derek guest judging "Project Runway" alongside Heidi Klum, or perhaps having an embarrassing encounter with Bruno. Who would you like to see?

What New Looks Can We Expect: "Blue Steel." "Le Tigre." "Ferrari." "Magnum." Even if Zoolander isn't still modeling professionally, he's sure to have added a few new poses to his repertoire, such as "The Situation," "Barack," or possibly even "Le Tigre Woods." Who knows — if he's gotten over his ambi-turning problem, those new poses might even look entirely different from one another.

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