'Tron Legacy' Viral Marketing Campaign Leads To IMAX Event In Five Major Cities

DESCNearly 30 years have passed since "Tron" hit theaters, but the technology heavy story is keeping up with the times for its upcoming sequel, "Tron Legacy."

The "Tron" team has launched a viral campaign ala "The Dark Knight" to build up the hype and excitement for the December releasing science fiction movie. Visitors of a site called "Flynn Lives" were challenged yesterday to embark upon something of a scavenger hunt mission taking place in 25 cities across the world, including New York City, Paris, Sydney and Los Angeles.

At each of the various locations, men and women wearing "Flynn Lives" T-shirts armed the first arriving fan with a cell phone and a number to dial, which directed said fan to a nearby secret area where they were given a package that contained enough information to bring the game to the next stage — a new website called "Pit Cell," which states that tickets to an "exclusive limited event" would be released on February 25th at 4:00 PM EST. The event will take place at IMAX theaters in New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Sydney.

The precise nature of the event remains to be seen, but given the involvement of IMAX theaters, it's a sure bet that "Tron Legacy" footage of some kind is about to drop. There's a chance that attendees will simply come across the film's long awaited trailer. There's a chance that they'll get to see entire scenes from the movie. Heck, it's possible that an entire screening of the movie will take place.

No matter what goes down, it's very cool to see that Disney is confident enough in "Tron Legacy" to allow for such an involved marketing initiative. With any luck, the pre-release buzz will translate into a massive success for the "Tron" sequel once it hits theaters.

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