'Zoolander 2' Happening, Ben Stiller Writing With 'Iron Man 2' Scribe, Maybe Jonah Hill For The Villain

Earth to readers. I've got some really, really, really good news to share with you today. "Zoolander" is getting a sequel. Probably. "It's been too long" is an understatement.

The 2001 comedy starring Ben Stiller as a vain, exceedingly dim male model has long been talked about for a follow-up. Fans of the cult hit certainly want one, and everyone associated with the original has had to field questions about the possibility for close to a decade now. Will Ferrell, who played the villainous clothing designer Mugatu in the first movie, told MTV in early 2008 that there had been "a little talk" but the ideas were "just not crystallizing." We later heard more encouraging news from original writer John Hamburg, who said "I think someday we will make that movie." Stiller himself spoke out about a sequel as recently as May 2009, saying "I'd love to do 'Zoolander 2.'"

Now however, plans seem to finally be gelling.

Deadline Hollywood heard from "a studio source" that Stiller is currently working with "Iron Man 2" and "Tropic Thunder" writer Justin Theroux on a script, and that Theroux will also direct. He's apparently heading to Fashion Week in Paris to "immerse himself on what is current in fashion," the source said. Star Owen Wilson isn't set to return yet -- the hope is that he will -- but Jonah Hill is apparently in negotiations to play the villain. I wouldn't be surprised if Ferrell also turns up for some sort of cameo; it would be hard to return to Derek Zoolander's world without some nod to the nefarious Mugatu.

Deadline reminds us that "Zoolander" hit theaters on September 28, 2001 -- damn close to 9/11 -- which partially explains why it brought in slightly more than $60 million worldwide. The movie has done brilliantly in its post-theatrical life however, becoming the very definition of a cult hit. I am incredibly excited to see more of Zoolander's world, and to see if his Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too is still doing okay.

Is the world ready for more "Zoolander"? Are you? Where do you want to see the story go?