Disney Reopens 'Captain EO,' The 3-D Attraction Starring Michael Jackson, And The Crowds Descend

As we told you earlier in the week, Disney is re-opening the classic 3-D attraction "Captain EO," a sci-fi short starring Michael Jackson as a starship captain tasked with delivering a gift to the wicked Witch Queen (Angelica Huston). With some help from the power of song, Jackson and his crew overpower the queen and teach her that it's okay to be good.

Touching. The attraction re-opened yesterday, complete with a shiny new 70mm print. We've got some video from the event, that you can check out below. And of course, if you want to see "EO" you can head to a Disney theme park. Or wait for the (hopefully) inevitable 3-D Blu-ray release, which I expect will arrive sometime after 3-D display technologies have been adopted by the public at large.