Kurt Cobain Biopic Talks Underway, Oren Moverman 'Absolutely' Has Ideas For How To Approach It

We learned last week that a Kurt Cobain biopic that's been in development for a couple of years is finally picking up some momentum. A script penned by David Benioff has been floating around since 2007, said to be partially based on the 2001 Cobain biography, "Heavier Than Heaven." Universal is now moving forward with plans to put the story in theaters, and they've turned to "The Messenger" director and co-writer Oren Moverman to make that happen.

As last week's report revealed, Moverman is in negotiations to re-write the script and direct the film. MTV spoke to him earlier this week, and while he confirmed that talks are indeed underway, he cautioned us to remember that no deals have been made just yet.

"Yeah, that thing was a little premature," he said of last week's news. "There is a script from David Benioff that is about Kurt Cobain and I'm in negotiations to polish it and then direct it, but it's not a done deal deal yet. It's in the works and hopefully it will work out."

While he wouldn't delve into any specific details, Moverman confirmed that he's at least been thinking creatively about how to approach the project. "I do have some ideas, absolutely."

We pressed him a little about the script's origins, and the influence that aforementioned Cobain biography had on it. "That book has a lot of information so yeah, it's definitely a great resource. But a lot of [the script] is also based on David Benioff's research and creative flourishes. To tell you the truth, it's so early in the process, it would be not right for me to try to guess what the film will be before I start to actually attack it, before I'm officially on it."

For now, we can take this as confirmation from the source that talks are indeed underway, and that they've progressed far enough for Moverman to have at least put some thought into how he would approach what is sure to be a controversial film. We'll be bringing you more on this project as it comes together.

How should the tricky Kurt Cobain life story be tackled for film? Who is the ideal actor to play Cobain?