MTV Movies Writer Goes From Journalist To Superstar In 'The Crazies'

Some people feel the need to apologize for having an ego, a sense of swaggering self-love, for being an asshat. Not me. Not after what is surely my star-making turn in "The Crazies," the horror remake about a town overrun with a government bio-weapon that drives its citizens to murderous insanity (out this Friday, February 26).

Allow me to explain. Last spring, the folks at Overture Films called up and asked if I might like to fly down to Georgia for a juicy "Crazies" role. My first thought? "It's about damn time!" Granted, it'd been a while since my last thespian turn, somewhere around the age of seven when I debuted as the male lead in "The Woodcutter and his Wife." But I knew I had what it takes to become a Hollywood star.

And as I settled into my scene opposite Radha Mitchell, as I vomited fake blood and she screamed like a mad woman, I knew a Hollywood star I would soon become. Check out the video to get the full story of my journey from MTV Movies writer to future Oscar-winning actor and tabloid fixture. Internet, I am ready for my close-up...

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