Tracy Morgan 'Would Love' To Remake 'Jaws,' Doesn't Want To Jinx Knoxville Comedy

Producers of the upcoming vicious fishies flick, "Piranha 3-D," are positioning their film to become "Jaws" for the 21st Century. If an unsourced rumor floated on the Internet earlier this month is to be believed, the studio behind 1975's "Jaws" is determined to have their shark-infested-waters classic remade to become the "Jaws" for the 21st Century, possibly with Tracy Morgan in the lead role.

When we caught up with Mogan on the red carpet for his upcoming buddy-actioner "Cop Out," we had the opportunity to put the question to the comedian himself. Has Universal approached the "30 Rock" star with the idea for a new "Jaws" with Morgan in the role originated by Richard Dreyfuss (who just so happens to have a role in "Piranha")?

"Not yet," he replied. "Not yet."

That being said, Morgan's still keen for the opportunity to fight off a toothy aquatic foe. "I would love to do a 'Jaws' movie," he said. "That was a great, great franchise. I would love to do 'Jaws.' "

Whether any plans are in the works at Universal remains an open question. Morgan has also been rumored to be attached to a comedy with Johnny Knoxville that would have the two men starring as down-on-their-luck friends who decide to become hitmen-for-hire. When we asked Morgan if there is any truth to those rumors, he seemed to confirm, in his reluctance to answer, that indeed there is.

"I don't want to jinx it," he said. "I want to leave that in God's hands."

Does the world need another "Jaws"? Should Tracy Morgan star in it? Would you like to see him pair up with Johnny Knoxville for a movie?