EXCLUSIVE: 'Battleship' Won't Begin With An Alien War, No 3-D Planned

Peter Berg's "Battleship" movie may be based on a classic table-top game and have an epic confrontation between humans and aliens in store for Memorial Day Weekend in 2012, but the summer action flick won't begin with a fight, and Universal doesn't plan to shoot it in 3-D. Those details alone may set it apart from its competition in two years.

"I think it’s a really unique story and unlike a lot of those other alien stories this is really not about aliens that came here to do us harm," producer and Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner told MTV News. "So I think you’ll find the story really interesting in that it doesn’t begin as a fight."

The movie also won't be in 3-D like its fellow Summer 2012 release "Spider-Man" or Hasbro property-based film "Stretch Armstrong."

"No discussion of 3-D at this point," Goldner stated. "I think that this is going to be a big spectacle in and out of itself."

That's an answer you don't hear from many Hollywood producers attached to action films in recent months. Then again, most producers aren't as intimately connected with their product as Brian Goldner, and most films aren't based on classic grid games involving pegs and plastic boats. It was a 2-D game to begin with, so perhaps it's appropriate that they leave the film to the same number of dimensions.

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