'Battleship' Release Date Moved To Bolster Time And Resources

"Battleship" had a July 1st, 2011 release date attached to it when Universal announced Peter Berg as the film's director. That date has since been pushed back to May 25th, 2012 for Memorial Weekend, however, and the head man at Hasbro agrees that the move needed to happen. The boardgame-based movie about an epic confrontation between humans and aliens has ballooned to become a an ambitious summer sci-fi flick, and that evolution has meant that Berg will be getting ample backing from its producers.

"Universal was kind enough to say, 'Let’s give it the resources it needs,'" Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner told MTV News. "This idea of a flotilla of ships that run across the early stages of an alien invasion provided a good backdrop for a great summer movie."

"Battleship" was still a summer movie when it was tagged for 2011. It's just going to be in front of a Memorial Day audience now instead of an pre-Independence Day crowd. Nonetheless, Goldner called the move a vote of confidence.

"We’re really so pleased with our Universal relationship and we think that their management team really gets it and for us and for them, they saw the concept of 'Battleship' coming to life," he said. "Peter Berg and his team did such a tremendous job in building this big alien-adventure film."

I'm still letting the whole "Battleship"-as-an-alien-movie thing wash over me, personally. When I get done with that though, I'll figure out if I think this move will effect anything more than than how old I am when the movie reaches theaters. I'm going to guess no.

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