'The Ghost Writer' Star Ewan McGregor Comments On His 'Star Wars' Legacy

This weekend, two action icons will appear in a decidedly action-free setting. Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan in Roman Polanski's latest, "The Ghost Writer." Obi-Wan Kenobi and James Bond. Neat, right?

What's even cooler is that MTV's Josh Horowitz got to sit down with the duo last week. And amidst his terror-inducing Jar Jar Binks impression, Josh managed to squeeze in a question about how playing such iconic figures continues to impact their respective careers. Brosnan didn't have a response, but McGregor did.

"For me, I made three 'Star Wars' films and they were always a film I was making at the time," he said. "I think there's an idea that you belong to 'Star Wars,' you belong to [George] Lucas for nine years, and it's just quite simply not the case. I spent three months working on the first film, and then three years later I spent three months working on the second and three years later I worked three months on the third. And I was happy to go back into them each time."

Make no mistake however. These were valuable experiences for McGregor. His "Star Wars" working definitely left a lasting impression, just maybe not in the way you would expect.

"They were technically very difficult films to make because there's just so much green screen," he explained. "I've always told the truth about that, that that is quite difficult, technically, to do. But in between times I was making lots of other stuff, so for me... I'm happy with the other films I've made too, I don't feel like I'm just known for ['Star Wars']."

As well he shouldn't. "Trainspotting" kicked ass too.

What are your favorite Ewan McGregor performances? How important do you think "Star Wars" has been to the overall arc of his career?