EXCLUSIVE: Will 'G.I. Joe' Crimson Twins Tomax & Xamot Appear In The Sequel? We Ask The Writers!

It maybe wasn't a landmark work of filmmaking, but last summer's "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" was one helluva good time. Fans of the cartoon series were left wanting, but in a good way. The "Rise of Cobra" title should be taken quite literally; it's not until the end that the dastardly terrorist organization lays down its roots.

It was a smart move, setting up the sequel in this way. Serious "Joe" fans are already invested in the follow-up, if only to see how Cobra is finally represented now that they're fully formed. And with that investment comes the questions. Which vehicles will we see? Which characters? MTV's Larry Carroll asked about one in particular -- really, two -- when he spoke to writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese a few weeks ago: Cobra twins Tomax and Xamot.

Oh yeah, well--" Reese said, catching himself before continuing, "... okay, maybe." Both writers then laugh. A little too hard. Interesting.

"I can't say," Reese continued. "You may have just read it off my face but I can't say." A pause. "Can't say."

Larry, a fan of the twins and unwilling to simply let it go, explains that these characters are the sort of thing that could be great if done right, or really stupid if done wrong. For those who aren't familiar, Tomax and Xamot -- Cobra's Crimson Twins -- have the ability to communicate telepathically. Each also feels the other's pain. You could see where things might get funky with characters like these in a live action film.

"It could be a disaster," Reese agreed. That's when the bomb drops, the closest we get to confirmation that the duo will at least be attempted; Wernick adds "We hope to do it right."

It's not confirmation, but it's damn encouraging. These guys are fans. They get it. If they think Tomax and Xamot will work, I'm willing to buy it. "Rise of Cobra" was solid; I'm expecting this sequel to compare with its predecessor in the same way that "X2: X-Men United" compares with "X-Men."

Do you want to see Tomax and Xamot in the sequel? What other "Joe" characters do you hope to see featured?

Indirect confirmation? Perhaps.