'American Pie' Reboot Plans Sound Suspiciously Like A Sequel

Yesterday, I appealed to Hollywood for a moratorium on all reboots, at least until Lent ends on Easter Sunday. That request has been indirectly addressed, and it's quite the bummer.

Despite there being a still-ongoing series of direct-to-video releases in the franchise, the word is that Universal is interested in rebooting "American Pie." Yeah, the movie where Jason Biggs does dirty things to a home-cooked baked good. The word comes from the Los Angeles Times, which reports that the "development community" is referring to the still-gestating plan as "American Pie 4," implying that the DTV releases will be ignored and that the series' coming return will in some way follow the events of the 2003 theatrical release, "American Wedding."

As plans stand right now, Universal hopes to nab Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg to develop "a new take on the franchise." If those names are familiar, it's because they're the comedic geniuses behind the "Harold and Kumar" series. And since Kumar actor Kal Penn is busy these days with his work for the Obama administration, the stoner series isn't likely to return anytime soon.

As much as I love Hurwitz and Schlossberg, I am not a fan of this idea. Even if there are returning characters -- some are interested, the report reveals -- I sort of feel like the once-popular "American Pie" brand has since been eclipsed by newer, filthier comedies. Couldn't Hayden and Schlossberg be put to better use developing an original idea for Universal?

What's more, the framing of this as a "reboot" feels like nothing more than an attempt to capitalize on a growing trend. If "the development community" is indeed calling this "American Pie 4" and you've got characters from the previous films interested in returning... doesn't that qualify as a sequel? It's all semantics of course, and the time that's passed since "American Wedding" certainly suggests that some elements will need to be re-envisioned, but I'm starting to feel like the term "reboot" is becoming something of a dirty word among those who keep up with entertainment news.

What do you think? Does "American Pie" need a reboot? Does the plan laid out here even qualify as a reboot? What does that term mean to you?