Ewan McGregor Can't Escape The Jar Jar Binks Albatross

Has it become cool to like Jar Jar Binks yet? Has enough time passed? Enough hate dispensed? We can all look back at that idiotic doofus sidekick now and have a laugh now, right? No? Didn't think so.

Well I for one have always enjoyed Jar Jar. From his borderline racism to his seeming to have the IQ of a celery stalk, there's just something special about that guy. And the voice. Oh the voice. For years you see I've had a secret talent, a completely useless one like the best talents. I can do a pretty awesome Jar Jar voice. I've interviewed Ewan McGregor a few times over the years but I never had the courage/bad judgment to demonstrate my ability for him. Until the other day... when I threw caution to the wind. Watch and recoil as Ewan comes face to face with Jar Jar Binks one more time.