A 'Parks & Recreation' Sneak Peek With Andy Samberg In Today's Daily TwitPic

I'll admit that I've come around to "Parks & Recreation." I'm usually pretty slow to pick up on new TV -- unless "Star Wars" is in the title, that is -- so it's a credit to the quality of the show that it's grabbed me so quickly. A big part of that is Aziz Ansari, who you may know as Raaaaaaaaaaandy from "Funny People" or that guy who talks over Jay-Z's "Hate."

Well Ansari is also a regular Twitter user and a common appearance in many of Brian Warmoth's Twitter-Wood posts. Yesterday, Ansari gave the micro-blogging world a scoop in the form of a photo. MTV pal Andy Samberg has a guest appearance coming up on "Parks & Rec" as Park Ranger Carl, a name so benign that the character will probably be anything but. Especially since it's Samberg playing the role. We'll see soon enough. For now, content yourself with this sneak preview in today's Daily TwitPic.

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