Craig Ferguson Joins Twitter, Hangs With Bob Saget In This Morning's Daily TwitPic

Craig Ferguson is one of the few late-night talk show hosts who hasn't been at the center of the media storm surrounding the Conan O'Brien/Jay Leno fracas. Good for him. He's actually been busy with much more important matters. Like joining Twitter.

Earlier this week, Ferguson officially joined the world's favorite micro-blogging social networking service. His account, now verified, has seen a flurry of tweets on a variety of topics. Many have even included pictures. Like the one selected for today's Daily TwitPic, in which Ferguson poses for a photo op with his pal and former "Full House" star Bob Saget. The two actually enjoyed more than lunch, in the talk show host's tweet is to be believed: "I had lunch with Bob Saget last week. Here's proof. He's dreamy. We had hot pockets. Then we had lunch." Creepy. Hit the jump for the pic.

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