Tyrese Gibson Confirmed For 'Transformers 3'... By Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson is a big talker and he likes to have fun. Few celebrities have embraced Twitter the way he has, to the point that he's become a staple contributor in Brian Warmoth's daily Twitter-Wood column. The danger, of course, of giving celebrities a direct line of communication with the world is that they'll say something that maybe they shouldn't have. That's what publicists are there for, after all.

Still, we movie-loving folk aren't going to complain about the occasional overshare, especially when it results in the sharing of genuinely useful news. That's what happened last night, when an excited Gibson tweeted about a certain upcoming project that he's involved with. "Transformers 3" is "full steam ahead" he said; more than that, he knows via Michael Bay when production will start. Unfortunately, he stops the scooping there. Hit the jump for the full tweet, which includes a link to a pretty sweet photo op.

@Tyrese4ReaL: http://twitpic.com/12i8sd - TRANSFORMERS 3: Is Full THrottle Full Steam Ahead..... Michael Bay gave me the start date.. And I can't share..