'Twilight' Cast Members, 'Transformers 3' And A New Randy Newman Song In Today's Twitter-Wood

Remember back when we had "Twilight" faces showing up in the feed on a daily basis in Twitter-Wood? Well, they're all over the place doing things since "Eclipse" filmed and "New Moon" launched, and it's been a good two months since a TwitPic of Christian Serratos and Edi Gathegi showed up. But they reemerged today.

Lee Unkrich, meanwhile, has been a regular poster, showing off shots of the "Toy Story 3" cast as they've shown up to the studio to record. Yesterday, he got a visit from singer/songwriter Randy Newman, though, and he reports that a new song has been created -- presumably for the film. Make your own guesses and check out which "Hangover" actor is in a sling and which actor re-iterated that he's definitely returning for "Transformers 3" after the jump. It's all in Twitter-Wood for February 9, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@cserratos http://twitpic.com/125wlj - HAHAH WHAT GOOBERS

-Christian Serratos, Actress ("Twilight," "Eclipse")

@leeunkrich I just witnessed the birth of a new Randy Newman song.

-Lee Unkrich, Director ("Finding Nemo," "Toy Story 2")

@mammarazzi1 http://twitpic.com/129hb5 - FW: learning to shoot a bow

-BooBoo Stewart, Actor ("The Last Sentinel," "Eclipse")

@Tyrese4ReaL Yes I will for sure be in TRansformers 3.. Get Ready!! Epps is here to STAY!!

-Tyrese Gibson, Actor ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," "Legion")

@eliroth Party at the Podiatrist's! About to get my foot prodded and poked for those last few pesky sea urchin pins. No anesthesia. Yay!

-Eli Roth, Actor/Writer/Director ("Hostel," "Inglourious Basterds")

@OmarDoom http://twitpic.com/126o43 - DOOM Spray. Now with handy DOOM holster. Perfect for your next African Safari!

-Omar Doom, Actor ("Inglourious Basterds," "Death Proof")

@neilhimself I love watching THE BIG BANG THEORY with Maddy. I get to explain all the comics jokes and translate the yiddish. My fatherhood has purpose.

-Neil Gaiman, Writer ("Stardust," "Coraline")

@BrodyismeFriend Sling today, cast tomorrow. http://twitpic.com/124r73

-Brody Stevens, Actor ("The Hangover," "Blind Ambition")

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