Steven Soderbergh Enlists An All-Star Cast For 'Contagion'

Steven Soderbergh is a Terminator. No, that's not some tricky wordplay stating that he's directing the next "Terminator" films or anything — he's not. I'm simply hypothesizing that Soderbergh is a machine from the future sent back through time to protect us all with crazy amounts of film work. Honestly, the director goes from project to project so quickly that it's almost as second nature as breathing for the guy. So it's not much of a surprise, though still wild to hear, that he'll follow up his currently shooting ensemble action flick "Knockout" with yet another ensemble thriller, "Contagion."

The Playlist identifies Soderbergh as the director for the much buzzed action-thriller from screenwriter Scott Z. Burns. Actors Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard and frequent Soderbergh collaborator Matt Damon are all closing deals for the film, presenting an all-star cast that gives "Knockout" a run for its money.

But it's not an accident that all this talent is rallying around "Contagion." From what scarce details about the project are known, the movie looks to focus upon the outbreak of a deadly virus, with the story being told over four different continents. The "Contagion" script has been described as "terrifying" and has drawn comparisons to "Traffic," albeit in a more action-oriented way. Perhaps thinking of it as "Outbreak" meets "Traffic" meets the "Bourne" franchise is the best way of looking at it. It sounds like a great combination of influences to me.

Soderbergh is reportedly looking to shoot "Contagion" in the fall of 2010, bumping his work with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon on "Liberace" to early 2011. The director is apparently eager to get to work on the thriller because there are other movies knocking around with similar subject matter, and he wants to tackle it first.

There is currently no word on whether or not Soderbergh has located John Connor.

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