'Entourage' Star Adrian Grenier Says Vinnie Chase Will 'Go Off The Deep End' In The Seventh Season

If you're a fan of celebrity culture and you have HBO, chance are you're a fan of "Entourage." The half-hour comedy series follows the exploits of fictional movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier, from his formative days as an up-and-comer through his first big break (complete with many amusing James Cameron cameos) and on through his first flirtations with the business side of Hollywood. We learned last year that there are currently plans for an "Entourage" movie to follow the series, so when MTV's Eric Ditzian spoke to Grenier at Sundance in January, he had to ask for some update on what's developing there.

For his part, Grenier doesn't really know much yet. "I'm just waiting for them to tell me when to show up, what's my call time," he explained. "I can't wait."

For now, there are no thoughts of the future movie. At least from where Grenier is sitting. "Right now we're starting to shoot season seven, so one thing at a time. After that, we'll see," he said, adding "We start [shooting] in march."

As far as the show goes, Grenier is pleased with the work he's done. For the most part. He shares the opinion of many fans that each episode's half-hour running time isn't enough. "I'm surprised that it's not a two-hour weekly series as it is, because everybody I know who loves the show watches at least three or four episodes back-to-back," he said. "One isn't enough. So why don't we just call it what it is and make it a two-hour show?"

The star obviously wouldn't go into too many details concerning what fans can expect from the coming season, but he did drop a few tantalizing hints at least. "I think this year is going to be quite an interesting ride for Vince," Grenier explained. "He's struggling a little bit with all of his buddies growing up and having to sort of embrace his own growth. So I think he's going to resist... and maybe go off the deep end a little bit."

What are your hopes for the coming seventh season of "Entourage"? Is the time right for a movie, or do you think the show has another few seasons of life left?