Jackie Chan Enjoys Some Fan Art In This Morning's Daily TwitPic

Jackie Chan is a relative newcomer to Twitter, but he seems to be having fun with it. The "Spy Next Door" star has in fact fully embraced micro-bloggery, with frequent updates for his 12K+ (and growing) followers. He also doesn't overshare, which is a lesson that some users could stand to learn (we kid, Kevin... we totally kid).

Chan has a movie releasing in China this week, "Little Big Soldier." The premiere happened last week and some adoring fan gave the star a drawing of his character, complete with a sword in one hand and a bird perched on a finger of his other hand, like a basketball. Chan wants notes-- does it look like him? The facial features are a bit exaggerated -- clearly, it's a caricature -- but I say yes, it does. Hit the jump to see for yourself.

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