'Zombieland' Writers Want 'To Have Fun' With 3-D For Sequel, Plus New Humans And Woody In Love

Last October, “Zombieland” took a big, gory bite out of the box-office, debuting at number one and bringing in over $25 million in ticket sales. Immediately, there was talk of a sequel, and when we caught up with the hit film’s red hot writers recently, they said the plans are moving forward.

“We want to stick with our dysfunctional family,” revealed Paul Wernick, who created the post-apocalyptic zombie world (now on DVD!) with writing partner Rhett Reese. “But also introduce new characters.”

“There absolutely will be a sequel, and it will absolutely be in 3-D,” Reese revealed. “Now, it’s just a question of what that sequel will be. It’s not a question of having enough ideas, but almost having too many ideas. We have a lot of ideas!”

““We entirely want to write with 3-D in mind,” Wernick added, shooting down the majority of filmmakers who these days claim to concentrate on the story first and the three-dimensional stuff later. “We have the vision, and want to have fun with the technology.”

Could that mean a zombie head-bashing with a baseball bat, causing the eyes to fly off the screen and into our laps? How about brains splattering all over the movie theater? The writers wouldn’t rule anything out.

“We want you to be looking down at your popcorn to make sure there isn’t blood on it,” Reese said laughingly. “There will be a lot of fluids flying!”

These guys have a lot of fun in the writing room, aren’t afraid to mess with the zombie canon, and plan to gleefully continue dragging George Romero’s vision into the 21st century with the sequel. “We don’t discriminate when it comes to zombies,” laughed Reese. “We like to think that a zombie’s character isn’t just about their profession, or what their personality was, but what were they doing at that moment they became a zombie.”

As for what else we can expect, Reese said he hopes to give Woody Harrelson’s character a female (we assume, unbitten) who can keep up with his high-adrenaline, zombie-killing ways “There will be continuing romantic adventures,” he said. “We haven’t decided on this, but it would be nice to have a love interest for Tallahassee.”

“I think that we like to think about the 'Zombieland' characters in terms of how they survived, what qualities do they have that led them to survive?” Reese said of the defining factor in the new human characters they’ll introduce to fight alongside Tallahassee, Wichita and the rest. “As long as they have some quality for survival, then they make sense for the movie.”

Finally, Reese said that he has big plans for Abigail Breslin’s tough-talking-tween character. “I think that it’s going to continue to be about growing up in 'Zombieland,'” he said of Wichita’s development. “Growing up in a world that’s not necessarily geared towards growing up; it’s a world that forces you to grow up much quicker than you would have otherwise.”

“Zombieland 2” is in its development stages, and should hit the big screen sometime next year or in early 2012.

Hey “Zombieland” fans, what actress do you think would be the best match for Tallahassee’s new love interest ?