Jessica Alba Talks About Her Roles As Sexy Identical Twins In 'Machete'

Sometimes, the story's all in the headline. Do you need to know anything else about Robert Rodriguez's full-length expansion of the trailer embedded in 2007's "Grindhouse"?

Well, you already know that the cast includes one of the most wackily awesome ensemble casts in memory (Miss Jessica Alba, meet Miss Lindsay Lohan, Mr. Robert De Niro, Mr. Steven Seagal, Mr. Don Johnson and Mr. Danny Trejo). And an online script review revealed Alba would be playing at least one half of a set of twins. But when MTV News had a chance to chat with Alba to promote her upcoming rom-com "Valentine's Day," she made clear she'll in fact have two parts in "Machete."

"I play identical twins," she said. "One's bad and one's good."

And Alba's psyched. She variously described the film as "badass" and "fierce" while lamenting that, unlike in Rodriguez's "Sin City," she doesn't get to rock chaps and a lasso. She does get to show off her sultry side, though, as evidenced by an on-screen bathtub pleasure session about which it's probably prudent to say little. And she does get to take part in some of the knife-wielding, bomb-exploding, blood-spewing action sequences.

"There's a ton of action in it," the former "Dark Angel" star said, comparing "Machete" to past Rodriguez films like "Desperado," "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "El Mariachi." "My character does a bit. I got to do some action finally again."

One thing she didn't get to do was share some screen time with Lohan. Their characters never cross paths in the film.

"This movie is Robert Rodriguez, old school at its best," Alba said.

Are you pumped for "Machete"? What do you think of the crazy ensemble?