Larry King Gets An 'Avatar,' Goes To Pandora In This Morning's Daily TwitPic

I'm not gonna lie. Today's Daily TwitPic is awesome. We've had some good ones in the months since this column started, but today's may very well be one of my favorites.

For starters, it's all about Larry King. The veteran newsman may come off as a real old-guard reporter, but he's actually very hip and in touch with today's culture. Even if you don't watch "Larry King Live," all you really need to know is that he has an active, fun-filled Twitter life. Dude's finger is on the pulse, folks.

He's also without fear. King doesn't mind being the butt of a joke, or making himself look ridiculous in the public eye. He doesn't come off as someone who's after all the attention either; to a casual observer, it really just looks as though the guy likes to have fun. And that's the spirit of today's twitpic, which shows us what King would look like if the RDA grew a Na'vi avatar body for him.

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