Daryl Hannah Hints At Returning For A Third 'Kill Bill'

Quentin Tarantino's World War II fairy tale "Inglourious Basterds" may be among the year's top Academy Award nominees, but his fans are still dying to know what's next. And while that remains something of a mystery, there are some hints floating around on a project that Tarantino told us will come after what's next.

I'm speaking of course about the third "Kill Bill" movie, which will obviously have to be retitled since the titular murder is executed in the second film. Daryl Hannah is one of the series' antagonists, an assassin whom Uma Thurman's appears to take out in "Volume 2." Well she's currently out promoting her new movie, "A Closed Book," and she's spilled a little bit about Tarantino's plans.

"He always meant it as a trilogy," Hannah said in an interview with Film24. We've known as much for awhile now, but Hannah goes a bit further.

In "Volume 2," Hannah and Thurman face off for a sword fight in the close confines of a trailer home. It's a bloody, brutal exchange, one which leaves the eyepatch-wearing Hannah completely blind after Thurman's Bride removes her other eye. What happens next... well... let's just say that many viewers assumed the assassin to have been killed.

This might not be the case however. Hannah correctly points out that we never actually see her demise, only her maiming. And given Tarantino's overwhelming love of film and its history, there's an easy path for him to take should he choose to bring Hannah's character back. "Think about it. There's always been a tradition of blind samurai, and you never actually saw [my character] expire in the other film," she said.

The very fact that Hannah is talking about this at all suggests that it is something more than just a possibility. Sure, she might just be expressing her hopes that Tarantino finds a way to use her again. But this is such a specific reference to something the filmmaker is keenly aware of that it's hard to believe he wasn't the one responsible for planting that seed in Hannah's mind.

Would you like to see Daryl Hannah return for the third "Kill Bill" installment? Should the Bride still be the focus? Where would you like to see the story go?