Brett Ratner Hanging With A Leprechaun In This Morning's Daily TwitPic

It's been busy enough this week that your Daily TwitPic has been overlooked a few times. Today's selection is too wacky to ignore though. You all know Brett Ratner, right? Director of the "Rush Hour" series, frequent tweeter of Michael Jackson photos (they were good friends), perceived destroyer of the "X-Men" franchise (in truth, he walked in on an already-sinking ship).

Well Ratner is a lucky guy. He's landed some great gigs in Hollywood, aligned himself with the right people... he may not be King of the World, but he's at the very least the Duke of his own fiefdom. And now we know his secret. Ratner caught himself a leprechaun. No, really! You can see pictorial proof for yourself, after the jump!

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