'A-Team Week' Exclusive: Patrick Wilson's Lynch Setting Up Sequel Villain...Is It Decker?

So far during the ongoing “A-Team Week” festivities, we’ve taken a look at the new B.A. Baracus and “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock. But as everyone knows, no group of kind-hearted vigilantes is complete unless they have a villain to fight.

Those of you who remember the original “A-Team” television series might recall that although they fought many different enemies, their greatest adversary was Colonel Decker (played by Lance LeGault), a member of the military police who hunted them for three of their five seasons. Recently, we caught up with director Joe Carnahan, and he implied that while his new movie won’t feature Decker, its storyline sets him up for the sequel.

“We took the Lynch character who was in the army,” Carnahan said of the villain in the new film, played by Patrick Wilson and based on the Colonel Lynch character glimpsed in early “A-Team” episodes before Decker replaced him. “Lynch was the original guy in the pilot that was chasing them - we basically made him a CIA operative, played by Patrick Wilson.”

In the new movie, the Golden Globe-nominated star will portray the man tasked with catching the military fugitives and bringing them back to stand trial. “For people who aren't familiar with Patrick, he played the Nite Owl in 'Watchmen'. Patrick is such a wonderfully underrated actor.”

“He is so good in this film, and he's so good at being [endearing] and creepy,” Carnahan added.

Those of you who are die-hard fans of the original show, however, need not worry. Remembering that Lynch was only briefly on “The A-Team” before Decker took over the pursuit and took things to a new level, Carnahan teased that a similar transition of power will occur in the sequels.

“We've got a cameo at the end that I can't blow, but it will tell you where this thing is going forward,” Carnahan explained, inferring that things will not end well for Lynch. “It was important that we have a main villain that we could dispose of, and another one that can linger on that we can bring back if we make another one of these.”

“It’s important that we can circle this guy back around,” the director explained. When asked if that “guy” being set up is Decker, all he’d say is “He may or may not be.”

Are you excited to hear that Decker will be set up at the end of “The A-Team”? What actor would you like to see play the role?