Rumors Of Patrick Stewart Joining 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Are Untrue

There's nothing worse than an Internet rumor, but I'll admit that I was kind of hoping this one would turn out to be true. Over the weekend, a story ran on Ain't It Cool News sparking a rumor that Patrick Stewart had joined the cast of the upcoming fourth "Mad Max" movie, "Fury Road." A lot of names have been flying around in connection with the movie and Stewart, speaking to a fan in Australia, said that he'd be working next with "Mad Max" creator George Miller on something that he said is not "Happy Feet 2."

"Fury Road" was of course the obvious assumption, but we decided to find out from a firsthand source before running anything. Stewart's publicist informs us that the rumors are untrue. Simple as that.

Move along people. There's nothing more to see here.