'Avatar' Star Joel David Moore 'Will Be A Part' Of The Planned Sequel

Even as "Avatar" continues to overtake every Hollywood box office record that's ever been set, fans are already wondering when we'll see more. And while Pandora fans don't have a hard timeframe to pin their hopes to yet, we'll still ask anyone who was involved with the movie about sequel possibilities whenever there's an opportunity. Such was the case yesterday, when star Joel David Moore -- who played human scientist Norm Spellman -- stopped by the MTV Newsroom for a chat.

"There are a lot of places for it to go and all of those decisions lie in one man's brain," he said, referring to "Avatar" director James Cameron. What Moore does know is that he hasn't seen the last of the Na'vi people. "Yes, I will be a part of whatever they want me to do. How can you not? I would love to go back to that world."

The problem for Moore's Spellman is that (*SPOILER ALERT*) his avatar dies towards the end of the movie. There are a whole host of story-pegged issues related to bringing that vessel back, starting with the difficulty of simply creating another one.

"Understand that these things are grown from DNA from the Na'vi and us," he said. In the movie we learn that the process of creating one is measured in years, and that it is a complex genetics procedure requiring valuable high tech equipment. That said, the now-vacant RDA base on Pandora is certainly kitted out with the best equipment. Who knows what those wily human scientists will cook up?

For the time being, Moore is busy mourning his avatar's absence. "I miss my avatar now," he said. "I wish he was here, with us. Maybe he is, in spirit." Oooooookay. Getting serious again, Moore clearly remains hopeful for the future of his avatar. "A lot of things can happen," he said. "Anything can happen in a sequel and anything can happen on another planet."

Would you like to see Norm Spellman's avatar return? Do you enjoy these little updates from the cast, or would you rather that everyone just keep quiet until there's actually something new to report?