MUST WATCH VIDEO: Ryan Gosling Touts 'Cranking,' Reveals Himself To Be A Dirty, Dirty Man

The MTV News Sundance gang is back in the office sifting through upwards of 70 interviews. Some were good. Some were funny. But none were as memorable as this one. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams star in the heartbreaking drama "Blue Valentine." It's a shattering look at a very intimate relationship between two people who just can't connect.

You might think the conversation with the two thespians would mirror the drama. Oh, but you couldn't be more wrong. Watch below as I open my heart to Ryan Gosling in the opening moments of our chat and he educates me about a very particular kind of self-gratification. Dirty amazing stuff. Ryan Gosling just soared to the upper echelon of my favorite interviewee list.