LOST IN NUMBERS: Sixteen Recurring Characters We Hope To See Again In The Final Season

While the final season’s series regulars are undoubtedly some of the most important characters on “Lost,” they aren’t the only people that fans have come to know and love. One of the show’s greatest attributes is its wealth of worthwhile characters that weave in and out of the Island’s bountiful mythology with varying degrees of regularity.

After the jump, we’ve highlighted the sixteen recurring characters that we’re hoping to see in the final season of “Lost” — the ones that are still alive, at least. We’ll get to the corpses soon, we promise. Stay tuned to MTV for the rest of this week and into the season premiere, as we’ll be running a series of features pegged directly to the show’s trademark number sequence: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Needless to say, spoilers for season five and earlier lie ahead.

Played By: William Blanchette
Occupation: Baby / Toddler
First Appearance: Born on the Island and greeted by Charlie Pace, Jin-Soo Kwon, Kate Austen and his mother, Claire Littleton, while Boon Carlyle died elsewhere in the caves. (Season One, “Do No Harm”)
Last Appearance: Being returned to the care of Claire’s biological mother after having lived with Kate for the majority of his young life. (Season Five, “Whatever Happened, Happened”)
Why Should We Care: Once upon a time, it was intimated that Aaron is of tremendous importance, so much so that he couldn’t be raised by anyone but Claire. We still don’t know why. Time to find out, don’t you think?
Likelihood of Return: 99%

Played By: Ian Patrick Williams
Occupation: CEO & Founder of the Hanso Foundation
First Appearance: Standing ominously in an office during the Swan Station’s orientation video. (Season Two, “Orientation”)
Last Appearance: Reinstated as the head of the Hanso Foundation after the completion of the first Lost Alternate Reality Game. (Lost: ARG)
Why Should We Care: The Hanso Foundation was supposedly the backer for the DHARMA Initiative, so it’d be nice to see Hanso himself at some point. After the ARG’s completion, however, it feels as though his story has been told.
Likelihood of Return: 10%

Played By: Sam Anderson
Occupation: Dentist
First Appearance: As one of the remaining survivors from Oceanic Flight 815’s tail section, Bernard and the others cautiously approach a beach-wrecked Sawyer, Jin and Michael. (Season Two, “Adrift”)
Last Appearance: Living happily with Rose and Vincent the dog in the jungles of 1977. (Season Five, “The Incident”)
Why Should We Care: If we never see Bernard again, we can assume that he lived happily ever after with Rose and Vincent, so my desire to see him again is purely selfish and is bound to get him killed.
Likelihood of Return: 90%

Played By: Lillian Hurst
Occupation: Hurley’s Mother & Lottery Benefactor
First Appearance: Chastising her son for his eating problem and lack of social life, right before he won the lottery jackpot. (Season One, “Numbers”)
Last Appearance: Offering her support to Hugo after he revealed the truth about the Oceanic Six’s stay on the Island. (Season Five, “The Lie”)
Why Should We Care: Seeing Carmen again makes it a virtual certainty that Hurley makes it out of season six alive. That’s something we all want to see, isn’t it?
Likelihood of Return: 75%

Played By: Alan Dale
Occupation: CEO of Widmore Industries, Former Leader of the Others
First Appearance: Bribing Desmond Hume to stay away from his daughter Penelope, then consequently scheming up a way to banish poor Des to the Island for three years. (Season Two, “Live Together, Die Alone”)
Last Appearance: In 1977, Charles is the leader of the Others and is arguing with his partner Eloise about whether or not to trust the imprisoned Jack Shephard. (Season Five, “Follow the Leader”)
Why Should We Care: Between his relationship to Eloise, Desmond and Penny, his pursuit of the Island and his unfinished rivalry with Ben, the need for Widmore’s return couldn’t be more self-explanatory.
Likelihood of Return: 99%

Played By: Kimberly Joseph
Occupation: Flight Attendant, Other
First Appearance: Handing over an extra bottle of liquor to Jack Shephard on Oceanic Flight 815 (Season One, “Pilot”)
Last Appearance: Hanging out with the Others and marveling at the arrival of John Locke, a fabled figure in Island lore. (Season Three, “The Brig”)
Why Should We Care: We haven’t seen Cindy in a long time, but bringing her back would likely mean an explanation for why certain survivors were chosen to join the Others.
Likelihood of Return: 65%

Played By: Henry Ian Cusick
Occupation: Button Pusher, Uniquely Gifted Time Guy
First Appearance: Going through his morning routine inside of the Swan Station, rocking out to The Mamas & The Papas, and rudely getting interrupted by the explosion of the hatch door. (Season Two, “Man of Science, Man of Faith”)
Last Appearance: Recovering from a gunshot wound in a hospital but nonetheless thrilled that he and Penelope Widmore are still together. (Season Five, “The Variable”)
Why Should We Care: After his wasted screen time in season five, it’s no wonder that Desmond got busted down from series regular. But after Eloise’s comment that the Island isn’t done with him, I’d be astonished if we never saw Desmond again.
Likelihood of Return: 99%

Played By: Fionnula Flanagan
Occupation: Highly Regarded Other, Old Lady with Tons of Knowledge
First Appearance: Breaking down a time displaced Desmond’s spirits about how he’s fated to go to the Island, push the button and save the world. (Season Three, “Flashes Before Your Eyes”)
Last Appearance: In 1977, Eloise is last seen helping Jack and Sayid smuggle a hydrogen bomb core into the Barracks. She subsequently gets knocked out by Richard Alpert before she can pitch in any further. (Season Five, “The Incident”)
Why Should We Care: Her connections to the Island, Desmond and Widmore beg further elaboration, but her completed role in ensuring that whatever happened, happened might spell the end for her arc.
Likelihood of Return: 85%

Played By: Jaymie Kim
Occupation: Toddler
First Appearance: Born to Sun in Korea some months after the Oceanic Six’s rescue. (Season Four, “Ji Yeon”)
Last Appearance: In her grandmother’s care and telling her mother, who was in Los Angeles at the time, how much she missed her. (Season Five, “This Place is Death”)
Why Should We Care: We should see Ji-Yeon again if only so Jin himself gets to finally see his daughter, though I suppose this could always be hinted at without actually laying eyes upon the character.
Likelihood of Return: 70%

10. MR. PAIK
Played By: Byron Chung
Occupation: CEO of Paik Industries
First Appearance: Granting Jin-Soo Kwon permission to marry his daughter Sun, under the condition that Jin agrees to work for Paik Industries in whatever capacity Mr. Paik sees fit. (Season One, “…In Translation”)
Last Appearance: Getting dethroned by an empowered Sun, who has purchased a controlling share of Paik Industries with the money she earned from her Oceanic Airlines settlement. (Season Four, “There’s No Place Like Home”)
Why Should We Care: Parental issues are typically important on “Lost,” and coupled with his business connections possibly leading to Widmore, seeing Paik again would definitely be terrific, if not terribly likely.
Likelihood of Return: 60%

Played By: Sonya Walger
First Appearance: Trying to convince Desmond to abandon his pride and recommit to their old romantic relationship. (Season Two, “Live Together, Die Alone”)
Last Appearance: Visiting Desmond in the hospital after he took a bullet from Benjamin Linus, who very nearly shot her as well. (Season Five, “The Variable”)
Why Should We Care: I would much rather never see Penny again because I’d like for her to survive the show, but as she’s already on ABC’s “FlashForward” and is intricately tied into Desmond and Widmore, her reappearance is very likely.
Likelihood of Return: 90%

Played By: Francois Chau
Occupation: Scientist and Orientation Video Superstar for the DHARMA Initiative
First Appearance: Appearing on the Swan’s Orientation tape to explain the history of DHARMA and the importance of pushing the button. (Season Two, “Orientation”)
Last Appearance: After greatly injuring his arm, he is carted away from the destructive site of the Swan by his son Miles. (Season Five, “The Incident”)
Why Should We Care: Doctor Chang’s one-armed presence in the various DHARMA videos indicates that he survived the Swan’s potential explosion, so it would be nice to see exactly what happened to him in the future — assuming he survived the Purge, that is.
Likelihood of Return: 70%

Played By: Nick Jameson
Occupation: Psychic
First Appearance: Taking Claire’s psychic reading, only to recoil in horror and warn her that her unborn baby cannot be raised by anyone but her. (Season One, “Raised by Another”)
Last Appearance: Meeting Mr. Eko and revealing that his profession as a psychic is completely fraudulent. (Season Two, “?”)
Why Should We Care: We’ve only seen Malkin twice, with both episodes bringing drastically different definitions of the character. It would be nice to have a third, final scene to determine whether or not the guy is a psychic or a liar.
Likelihood of Return: 20%

Played By: L. Scott Caldwell
Occupation: Island Den Mother (Not literally, but close enough)
First Appearance: Passed out in the midst of the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815, requiring medical assistance from Jack. (Season One, “Pilot”)
Last Appearance: Living happily with Bernard and Vincent the dog in the jungles of 1977. (Season Five, “The Incident”)
Why Should We Care: Like Bernard, Rose is currently close to having a happy ending on “Lost,” but nothing’s ever that clear cut on this show. We’ll almost certainly see her again.
Likelihood of Return: 90%

Played By: Madison & Pono
Occupation: Dog!
First Appearance: Running through the jungle and scaring the heck out of a recently awakened Jack Shephard. (Season One, “Pilot”)
Last Appearance: Hanging out with Rose and Bernard in 1977. (Season Five, “The Incident”)
Why Should We Care: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have long said that Vincent is the only character that was guaranteed to survive until the end of the series, so his future participation seems like a certainty.
Likelihood of Return: 95%

Played By: Malcolm David Kelley
Occupation: Boy with Crazy Unexplained Powers
First Appearance: Curled up in a blanket next to his father, Michael, staring into a freshly made camp fire on the beach of the crash site. (Season One, “Pilot”)
Last Appearance: Warning John Locke that he had a dream where Locke was back on the Island and surrounded by a group of people that wanted to hurt him. (Season Five, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”)
Why Should We Care: Of every peripheral character on “Lost,” Walt is the one that still demands the most explanation, such as the nature of his powers and the reasons the Others took him in the first place. But Lindelof and Cuse have both acknowledged the trickiness of Malcolm David Kelley’s rapid growth, saying they can instead address Walt without showing the actor. That isn’t the best sign towards Walt’s return.
Likelihood of Return: 70%.

Check back tomorrow for another edition of LOST IN NUMBERS, a series of daily features running until the final season premiere of “Lost” on February 2, 2010.