Adam Lambert And Miranda Cosgrove Smile For The Camera In Today's Daily TwitPic

This certainly isn't the most unusual Daily TwitPic we've had. In fact, the person who posted the image even refers to it as "random." But I'm betting that a lot of you readers will at least appreciate who the players are.

To the right you've got Miranda Cosgrove, star of "The School of Rock" and "iCarly," and owner of the pic's tweet. And to the left... well... I'm guessing you recognize this guy. Adam Lambert may have been runner-up in the eighth season of "American Idol," but he finished first in the hearts of his fans. And Lambert's star has certainly been on the rise in the months since the "Idol" season ended, with the pop star attracting equal amounts of fan fervor and controversy. You can see him here with Miranda Cosgrove after the jump.

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