EXCLUSIVE: Helen Mirren Says Quentin Tarantino/Medieval 'Bloody Violence' Rumor Untrue

Wacky rumors fly fast and furious during this time of year, a relatively light period for big theatrical releases. One such dream scenario emerged earlier this week. London tabloid The Sun reported from an anonymous source who revealed that Helen Mirren had been approached by "Inglourious Basterds" director Quentin Tarantino about appearing in his still-unannounced next film.

More than that, the source also revealed that the flick would be set during England's Middle Ages, and that it would feature Tarantino's unique brand of "bloody violence and foul language." We spoke to the filmmaker late last year and he wasn't really ready to start talking about what's next. So we reached out to Mirren for clarification.

It turns out that the rumor is completely untrue. It's not a huge surprise, considering the unnamed source and a variety of other factors, but it would certainly see cool the "Queen" star wearing a Tarantino role. She thinks so too. "I wish," Mirren said in a comment responding to the news. "I should be so lucky."

I'm not so sure about that. Mirren is a fine actress. Tarantino certainly attracts strong casts to his productions, but landing her would be a coup for him. We can put away those dreams for now of seeing the "Queen" star going medieval with Tarantino. But hey... a seed's been planted now. Who knows what will sprout?

Do you think Mirren would fit well in the cast of a Tarantino joint? Where would you like to see his next movie take us?