'Red Dawn' Keeps 'American, Patriotic Feel' Of Original, Says Star Josh Hutcherson

Call it "a live-action 'Call of Duty.'" Call it "fast, smart, hard." Call it a remake, a reimagining, whatever. The new "Red Dawn" is high on our list of action flicks that have us pumped about the 2010 cinema schedule. And while the updated version will make some key changes to the 1984 flick's storyline, the original's red, white and blue center will stay just the same.

"It's definitely a new interpretation," star Josh Hutcherson told MTV News while promoting "The Kids Are All Right" at Sundance. "We've changed quite a bit of the story, but the heart of the story is there. The American, patriotic feel of the original, rising up against the invaders, is still definitely there. The Chinese are invading now, so we're switching that up just to stay with the times a little bit."

When we caught up with the actor last fall, he revealed that some serious carnage will take place in the Midwest—"We blew up all of downtown Detroit," he said—and now that Hutcherson has wrapped shooting he looks back at the experience like he really did get to take part in a real-life version of a video game.

"Blowing stuff up and shooting guns all day was quite an amazing experience," he said.

Confirming he's playing the C. Thomas Howell role of Robert from the original—one of a group of locals who form a sort of guerilla insurgency against the Communist invaders—Hutcherson said he never got to chat with the man who originated the part.

"I didn't get a hold of him," he said. "I guess he's too busy right now."

Did you see the original "Red Dawn"? Are you excited for the remake? What do you think of the shift from Russian antagonists to Chinese?

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