George Lucas Producing CG-Animated Musical About Fairies

One of the very first movies George Lucas worked on was a musical: Francis Ford Coppola's "Finian's Rainbow." Now, more than 50 years later, the "Star Wars" mastermind is returning to the genre for an all-CG film he's producing. The untitled animated feature was scripted by David Berenbaum ("The Spiderwick Chronicles") and will be directed by Kevin Munroe ("TMNT"). According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog, all that is really known about the plot of this top-secret project is that it will involve... fairies.

It's not even known if Lucas came up with the story, as he typically does for his productions. Of course, he has some experience with the little winged creatures. He wrote and produced "Willow," in which there's a scene featuring a bunch of small glowing fairies and one large fairy queen. Just imagine if this were a spin-off of that movie focused on Cherlindrea and her tiny subjects. No, there's not much likelihood of that happening.

There does appear to be a growing trend in Hollywood involving fairies (or faeries, depending on your spelling preference). Miley Cyrus is starring in one for Disney called "Wings," while Universal is adapting "Wicked Lovely," which sounds like "Twilight" but with fairies instead of vampires. Lucas' film will probably be less teen girl-targeted, but who knows? Given that it'll be animated, I keep picturing the ongoing direct-to-video Tinker Bell franchise.

Speaking of which, did you know Lucas has a cameo in Spielberg's "Hook"?

The film will reportedly be pulling its music from "a number of sources," whatever that means. As in different influences? As in different genres? Will it be a kind of mixtape musical, a la "Moulin Rouge"? Lucas is apparently keeping things frustratingly secretive, as if this were a new installment of the "Star Wars" or "Indiana Jones" franchises. But such mystery does have us very intrigued.

Are you also curious about George Lucas' next project? How interested are you in an animated musical involving fairies? Would you rather Lucas do more "Star Wars" films instead?