'HIGH School' Stars Colin Hanks And Michael Chiklis Weigh Past Fictional School Authority Figures

One of the Sundance titles that's been gathering a lot of buzz is "HIGH School." As you might have deduced from the title's formatting, it is best described as a stoner comedy. The story follows a promising young student and potential MIT scholarship recipient who experiments with marijuana for the first time... the day before a school-wide drug testing program is instituted. In order to save his future, the enterprising lad comes up with a plan to drug the entire school with pot brownies sold at a bake sale.

Stars Michael Chiklis and Colin Hanks, who play the school principal and vice principal, respectively, stopped by to chat during their Sundance meanderings. MTV's Eric Ditzian just had to ask the two about past fictional school authority figures and what their own performances bring to this rich lexicon.

"The pantheon of big screen principals?" Chiklis asked with a laugh. "I think you're going straight to the top on this one, I'm going to be quite honest with you," Hanks replied. The two then proceeded to run through a laundry list of character traits that set the "HIGH School" principal apart from his predecessors.

"Dementia...," Chiklis volunteered.

"Dementia's a good one," Hanks replied, playing off of his co-stars response before adding, "fantastic hair. Fantastic hair."

That got a laugh from the bald "Shield" star. "Yes," he agreed. "Fabulous hair."

Chiklis paused to think for a moment before volunteering another trait to his co-star.

"Perversion," he said with a questioning tone. "A certain pomposity," Hanks replied. "Intense pomposity, I would say," Chiklis fired back.

And still, the riffing continued. "Repression," Chiklis continued. "It's a pretty stellar performance, I must say," Hanks concluded.

Eric pressed the matter, asking the pair if there are any notable assistant principals they can look to. "I'm blazing a trail," Hanks said with a sly grin. "I'm trying to create a whole new genre. A whole new thing."

"You are cutting a new groove," Chiklis added. "I'm trying to. I'm trying to. We'll see how it takes. I'm hoping it takes like wildfire," Hanks replied.

Who are your favorite fictional high school principals? Any favorite fictional VICE principals?