'Star Trek' Writers Producing Adaptation of Go-Kart Documentary 'Racing Dreams'

Did you know there's NASCAR for kids? Well, that's not exactly what it is, but there is a pee-wee version of race car driving involving go-karts, for those youths hoping to grow up to become the next Jimmie Johnson. A documentary titled "Racing Dreams," about three competitors in this World Karting Association, premiered at last year's Tribeca Film Festival, where it won Best Documentary. And now Variety reports that the film, which was produced by Dwayne Johnson, has been tapped for a dramatized treatment by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

The "Star Trek" writer-producers will not adapt the documentary themselves, as they've got a lot of other stuff on their plate. Like the "Trek" sequel. Instead they'll be overseeing the project, with both Johnson and his wife Dany Garcia, also his partner on the original "Racing Dreams," returning to the material as executive producers. DreamWorks, which is distributing the adaptation, will reportedly hire a writer for the film this week.

There has been a lot of talk of remaking documentaries as dramatic features over the past few years. "Murderball," "King of Kong," "Crazy Love" and others have been in the works, and even Robert Altman was supposed to adapt "Hands on a Hard Body" before he died. But most of these projects seem to disappear quickly after being announced. In fact, last fall there was some news of a remake of the popular doc "Young@Heart" with "The Reader"'s Stephen Daldry directing and Steve Carell possibly starring, yet the thing didn't seem to generate much excitement.

However, maybe now that HBO's "Grey Gardens" adaptation is an award-winning hit, more films based on docs will actually happen, especially if they're as wide-appealing as a film about kids with NASCAR dreams. Meanwhile, whether or not DreamWorks goes all the way with this, we can at least hope the original film will finally get a DVD release.

Will DreamWorks hire Marshall Curry, who was previously nominated for an Oscar for "Street Fight," to helm the remake of his own film? Past documentary adaptations "Party Monster" and "Rescue Dawn" were redone by their original directors, while "King of Kong" was initially set to be remade by its director, as well.

Have you seen "Racing Dreams"? Would you rather see a dramatized remake of the documentary?