Kim Kardashian Makes Her Super Bowl Pick In This Morning's Daily TwitPic

These are always strange mornings. Our Daily TwitPic usually comes from some Hollywood insider. Kim Kardashian certainly spends plenty of time in Tinseltown, but she's more of a celebutante. Not a figure who generally falls into the wheelhouse of MTV Movies Blog coverage. She's a regular contributor to our Twitter-Wood feed however, and today's pic is a very timely one.

In the NFC Championship on Sunday, the Saints claimed victory over the Minnesota Vikings in an overtime win, one that will send the New Orleans team along to the Super Bowl. It's an important moment for the Saints, as this will be their first Super Bowl. And Kardashian, a fan, was on hand to show her support for the team. You can see her caught up in the post-win revelry after the jump.

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